Fiscal incentives for R&D companies
Since 2006, the Belgian federal government has created a number of tax incentives which specifically favor R&D companies. In many cases these fiscal measures can have a larger financial impact than some grant (subsidy) programs, but surprisingly many of these incentives are still relatively unknown.

A salary tax-break for R&D employees; the exemption of revenues from patented products from profit tax; the tax credit rule for R&D investments or a tax-free bonus for R&D employees are just some of the measures that should be known (and implemented!) by every company conducting R&D projects, even SME's qualify for most of these programs.

Often the proper application of these measures is not known by the average accounting or payroll services provider. has implemented several of these measures in both SMEs and large enterprises. Such projects allow to reduce the salary costs of researchers with up to 30% or eliminate 80% of the profit tax for certain revenue streams!

The value proposition of is unique in the sense that we combine fiscal incentives and project grants to achieve optimal cost savings for R&D firms!